Adviser in sustainable business strategies and communication

In 1990, I decided to work with environmental questions as they related to economic values for both businesses and society. I began studying Chemical Engineering at university, adding courses on the way. My graduate work was at an oil refinery where I ended up working for 17 years with environment and sustainability related to the oil industry. Ended up working as Head Environmental Coordinator for the Swedish oil company, Preem, I found many rewarding opportunities for change through cross-boundary work between public and private organizations within energy/transport as well as other sectors.  It was through these amazing experiences I discovered the “payback” and how to make it visual for decision-makers. As a result, I built my own company in 2008. Through consultation I have helped businesses focus on interconnecting resources, organizations, disciplines and skills both internally and externally, resulting in a long-term sustainable strategy as well as a permanent mark.  I assist my clients in creating long-term strategies that work together as an entity regardless of which business perspective and market relation that develops over time. I use the same mechanisms for all development forms and provide direct economic returns from early stage. Science, collaborative projects, organizations and companies are my broad customer base. It took a few years to get here and who knows what’s behind the next door. Yes the possibilities are endless so take advantage of them. Openness, curiosity in people and life opens doors – creativity – fearlessness, cooperation and perseverance provides the solutions!

Some of my custumers

Berghs School of Communication – The Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications – SI Swedish Institute, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden – Green Innovation Contest – Innovatum – Swedbank – Cleantech Inn Sweden – Bergen Energi – ESS European Spallation Source – Preem – Schenker – Tre – Britny – University of Huddersfield – Åhléns – SJ – Chalmers -Centre for Environment and Sustainability, GMV – Mentor


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